Shop Safely

Stay safe when trading online. Here are some things to look out for:

For Buyers

  • Item sold at a very low price compared to similar items from other sellers. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Seller allows you to make a partial payment 1st, then full payment after you receive the item.
  • Seller claims to be unavailable to meet for cash-on-delivery.

For Sellers

  • Potential buyer offers a very high price for your item.
  • Buyer requests you to pay additional fees such as for shipping or insurance.
  • Buyer sends fake proof of payment or overpays with cheque then requests for a refund.
  • You receive fake emails from seemingly legitimate websites requesting for payment.

Safety Tips

For Buyers

  • Cash-on-delivery is the safest option. Only pay after inspecting goods in person.
  • Transfer money to an unknown seller at your own risk.
  • Meet at public and well-lit places such as a shopping center or mamak.

For Sellers

  • Be careful if you are requested to pay anyone for anything.
  • Avoid deals where the buyer offers to pay using Western Union, money order, cheque or similar.

Scam Info

The following accounts and contact numbers have been reported to be used by scammers:

CIMB 8010527087 (WJ UNIX STORE)
Tel: 010-880 8021

Maybank 112848138659 (Yip Fow Kap)
Maybank 112848138659 (Belinda)
Tel: 010-880 8021

BSN Bank: 0810729000085163 (Wong Yoon Fat)
Tel: 010-761 0273

RHB: 20804300061180 (Jia Jian Ente)

Hong Leong: 18450074152 (Chua Pei Ching)

Bank Islam: 02057022532217 (Siti Nurul Atika)

Maybank: 112875134790 (Keu Meng Earn)
Tel: 0176933421

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