Posting Rules


Items must be marine equipment-related. Handphones and iPads are not.


Counterfeit Products


With respect to intellectual property rights and rider safety, fake / counterfeit goods are not allowed.




Adverts which contain sex, counter band ,substance abuse , drug gambling are prohibited.




Price is mandatory and must make sense. Asking for offers without stating an asking price is not allowed.


No Duplicates


Do not create multiple ads for the same item, or post the same item under multiple accounts.Put items that are available in different designs and different sizes in ONE advert only (eg: jerseys in multiple designs).


One Item Per Ad


Do not list multiple items that belong in different categories in one advert.




Images must relevant to the item. Do not use another seller's images. Images may not contain marketing words such as "promo", "sale", "discount", etc.


Ad Title


Briefly describe the item. Eg: 2013 Yamaha Outboard, 400 Hp.Do not include words like: "for sale", "want to sell", "promotion", "discount", "price reduce", etc.


Ad Description


Describe the item being advertised. Do not use words or select tags unrelated to the item simply to target search results (keyword stuffing). Do not link to other classifieds or marketplace websites. Only use English.


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